Wander Lust

Wander Lust
Another outfit inspired by the colors of the season. I’ve said it before but i’m gonna say it again; I love this color of green. I’ve been seeing everywhere this season and I love it. Chambray shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing I have ever bought besides jeans. They literally go with everything and transfer into every season, it’s incredible. I truly believe that leather jackets will never go out of style. They come in all sorts of styles and colors this season too. Riding boots are another Fall staple this year. They are simple and make an outfit look really put together. Have you heard that song “What Does the Fox Say”? Well that’s what made me choose these earrings even though I think that it is the most annoying song since “Gangam Style”. Anyway now that you have those two songs stuck in your head, the earrings are pretty cute as is the sock bun. Sock buns are pretty easy and are all over Pinterest.

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